Should the world accept the Refugees?

After the war broke out in Syria and Iraq there are many who lost their homes. many had to leave their country and homes to save their lives. these refugees are seeking...

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Was Leonardo the right choice at the Oscars?

There were many people praying for Leonardo that he wins the Best actor Oscars. And many became happy when his name was called out on the stage. But was he the right...

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Vote for the Best Vlogger!

Vlogging is not an easy task. taking on a camera for the whole day is the most difficult...


Who is the best prankster on youtube?

These are some of the pranksters who have risked and performed some creative and social...


Who is the best Youtuber for the month of July?

There are millions of youtubers. but these are some of the trending youtubers for the...


Vote for the most negative person on Youtube?

While the big youtubers are blaming each other for spreading negativity the fans are...


Do you think there are lots of negative thoughts on Youtube?

This month was the month of Drama on Youtube. Many big youtubers were receiving lots of...



Which is the best football club? VOTE!

We have football fans all over the world. there are also many football clubs. but among...