Carven Gathered Front Fit And Flare Dress Black j0wpIsl

Carven Gathered Front Fit And Flare Dress Black j0wpIsl
Black cotton gathered front fit and flare dress from Carven featuring a sleeveless design, a gathered design, a mid-calf length and front flap pockets.
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Steal allows you to configure module loading through a steal property in your package.json. If you're not using Steal through npm (you should be) you can also configure using any of the options provided by PAROSH Short Dresses Sky Blue bGvCC5

A basic configuration might look like this:

Here are some common uses of configuration:

Configuring globals

Many modules you find on the web only have a single global build and don't work with module loaders that support AMD or CommonJS. jQuery plugins often are built this way.

To use these modules you need to configure them as globals. This is similar to shim config in RequireJS. Here's an example with each option explained:

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deps property is an Array that specifies the module's dependencies. In this example we are saying that this module jquery-plugin depends on jquery .

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exports property specifies a global value that is the module's value. For example if we had a module that did:


We would specify this config with: "exports": "FOO" . Then any other module that exports it like:

Will get the FOO global.

Plugins (such as steal-css ) should be installed as devDependencies and added to the plugins configuration in your package.json .

For example, to use steal-css , first install it with npm:

Then update the plugins configuration in your package.json :

In the [steal-tools.guides.progressive_loading progressive loading guide] we show how to progressively load different pages within your app. You import these modules using the steal.import function like so:

When using steal-tools to do a production build it needs to know about these progressively loaded bundles in order to perform its code splitting algorithm.

You can specify your bundles with the bundle property in config:


Then when you perform a build it will create a bundle in dist/bundles/app/cart.js by default (you can specify the path using Trina Turk Sapporo Floral Dress Multi frDP7n

Often projects will store their code in a subfolder like src/ or public/ and do not want to include that when importing modules. Using directories.lib configuration you can specify your project's root folder:


Then you can import modules from this folder by preceding imports with your package name like:

Note that you cannot omit the package name when importing a module unless you use relative paths like "./util" .

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The seeds may be planted with established opinion leaders. Software companies, for example, give advance copies of new computer programs to professors they hope will recommend it to students and colleagues. Pharmaceutical companies regularly provide travel expenses and speaking fees to researchers willing to lecture to health professionals about the virtues of their drugs. Hotels give travel agents free weekends at their resorts in the hope they’ll later recommend them to clients seeking advice.

There is a Yiddish word, maven, which refers to a person who’s an expert or a connoisseur, as in a friend who knows where to get the best price on a sofa or the co-worker you can turn to for advice about where to buy a computer. They (a) know a lot of people, (b) communicate a great deal with people, (c) are more likely than others to be asked for their opinions, and (d) enjoy spreading the word about what they know and think. Most important of all, they are trusted. As a result, mavens are often targeted by persuasion professionals to help spread their message.

There are many other mindless, mental shortcuts—heuristics and fixed action patterns—that leave us susceptible to persuasion. A few examples:

“There is no duty more indispensable than that of returning a kindness,” wrote Cicero. Humans are motivated by a sense of equity and fairness. When someone does something for us or gives us something, we feel obligated to return the favor in kind. It triggers one of the most powerful of social norms, the reciprocity rule, whereby we feel compelled to repay, in equitable value, what another person has given to us.

Gouldner ( Josef Seibel Catalonia 44 Beige Shoes GpHrPH
), in his seminal study of the reciprocity rule, found it appears in every culture. It lays the basis for virtually every type of social relationship, from the legalities of business arrangements to the subtle exchanges within a romance. A salesperson may offer free gifts, concessions, or their valuable time in order to get us to do something for them in return. For example, if a colleague helps you when you’re busy with a project, you might feel obliged to support her ideas for improving team processes. You might decide to buy more from a supplier if they have offered you an aggressive discount. Or, you might give money to a charity fundraiser who has given you a flower in the street ( Cialdini, 2008 ; L By The Way Way Regina Heel Metallic Copper MUFDxqL

If everyone is doing it, it must be right. People are more likely to work late if others on their team are doing the same, to put a tip in a jar that already contains money, or eat in a restaurant that is busy. This principle derives from two extremely powerful social forces—social comparison and conformity. We compare our behavior to what others are doing and, if there is a discrepancy between the other person and ourselves, we feel pressure to change ( Cialdini, 2008 ).

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